Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a trial?

Most brides have a trial and we always recommend a trial for your wedding. Having a trial is the perfect opportunity to try out and choose the look you want and will love for your big day.  

We also offer trials to anyone of your bridal party so feel free to add anyone that would like to have a trial with you.

What happens at the trial?

A trial is the time for us to meet you and try out your chosen look or different styles and looks. It usually takes a few hours for hair and make-up and takes place at either your home or somewhere else at your choosing.

We strongly advise you liase with your stylist before the trial and send picture references of hair and make-up looks that you would like to try. Please bring any hair jewellery or accessories on the trial day to give you the best idea of the completed look. We can always help you decide what the best look is for you if you're not quite sure.

When should I book my trial?

We advise that you book your trial with us from now to 6 months of your wedding date. Once you have had your trial it will give you peace of mind about your look on your big day and you can immediately secure the artist for your wedding. Please confirm your wedding by paying the £50 booking fee ( redeemable from the total cost of your wedding ) as soon as possible and we will secure your artist and confirm your booking.

Please note : We cannot guarantee the make-up artist you had at your trial or secure your wedding date until we receive the booking fee.

What make-up brands do you use?

All of our artists use a variety of brands that they find work for them. Some of these include MAC, Clinique, Urban Decay, YSL, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Bobbi Brown.

If you would like us to use your own products for anything that is not a problem and we would be happy to do so.

Do you supply hair extensions and false eye lashes?

We do not supply hair extensions or false eye lashes. We recommend you sourcing your own hair extensions as then they will be an exact match and the length you require. We are happy to style and attach hair extensions on the trial or wedding day. If you need any advice we are happy to help with any information you may need.

As for false eye lashes we advise you supply your own as then they are the length and thickness you require and again we are happy to apply them for you.

What happens on the wedding day?

Your artist will have already arranged the time and schedule for everyone to get ready before the wedding day so that everything runs smoothly. If you require a time table just ask your artist and they will provide one for you.

The usual running time starts with the bridal party getting ready first and then the bride last.

Please Note: We ask that the bride and bridal party bring their own lip colour on the wedding day as even though our artists will be applying this in the morning, it's a good idea to have something for touch ups later in the day.

When do I pay my make-up artist / hairstylist?

You can pay your make-up artist / hairstylist as soon as you like anytime after your trial but not later then 14 days before your wedding day. This saves any hassle for the bride having to worry about making payment on her wedding day.

We want to help our brides to feel as relaxed and stress free as possible on their big day.

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